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BASIC Bonfires Accommodate Up To 10 People

DELUXE Bonfires Accommodate Up To 20 People

Beach Bonfire Locations and Permitting:

Bonfires can be held at many public beach accesses or at many gulf front homes with home owner’s written permission; however, all fires are subject to bonfire permit availability.

Click here to enter your address into our interactive Google Map to view the public access points that are closest to you.

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Public Beaches–

We can setup bonfires at the following public beach access points. They are listed from the east to the west along 30A. RBA indicates Regional Beach Access. Click the access name for more information about each access point. Click “Video” on the RBA points to view a video of those locations.

Access Name Parking Restrooms
South Walton Lakeshore/Phillips Inlet Ltd. No
Inlet Beach RBA (Video) Yes Yes
Wall Street No No
Walton Dunes Yes No
One Seagrove Place No No
Santa Clara RBA (Video) Yes Yes
Andalusia No No
Greenwood No No
Gardenia No No
Scenic 395 No No
Nightcap No No
Hickory No No
Dogwood / Thyme No No
Van Ness Butler Jr. RBA (Video) Yes Yes
Grayton Dunes/Grayton Beach Ltd. No
Gulf View Heights RBA (Video) Yes Yes
Spooky Lane No No
Shellseekers Cove No No
Ed Walline RBA (Video) Yes Yes
Fort Panic RBA (Video) Yes Yes
Dune Allen RBA (Video) Yes Yes
Private Beaches–

We can setup bonfires for homeowners who own their property to the water line.

With written permission from the homeowner, we can setup bonfires on private beaches for their renters. The homeowner must complete the SWFD authorization form and submit along with requested ID.

Bonfires on private beaches are subject to permit availability.

What time should you start your bonfire?

That’s totally up to you! Some folks want to watch the sunset, and others want to start when it’s totally dark. Click here to preview local sunset times. Keep in mind that it gets dark roughly one hour after sunset.

What about cancellations due to weather?
The balance for the event is due at booking. Customers have until 1 pm on the day of the event to decide if they would like to cancel due to weather. If the event is cancelled due to weather, all money is returned minus the $105 bonfire permit fee. If a customer decides to postpone and would like to move the date, we will work with you to make the proper arrangements, but the customer must pay for the new permit as the original cannot be transferred.